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Because it's all about me right?

When I was fourteen I spent about a month traveling as a student ambassador in Russia and the Baltics. Traveling should be a requirement for all young people. It opens the mind to the world outside ourselves. My formal education came from a small community college, several different elementary schools, one middle school and two high schools. The education that enables me to make it through each day has come from countless adventures, strangers, friends and family. There is no better teacher than living.  Experience everything you can. Have no regrets.


Made it back in one piece from my road trip around the country. Working again at DIAL/SELF Teen Services, but in a new position. When I left I was the Senior Director of Administration and now I am the Senior Director of Development & Special Projects. My new position gives me a chance to stop focusing only on the present and look toward the agency's future. I look forward to helping strengthen the future services that will be available to tomorrow's youth in Western Massachusetts.

July 19, 2006 CE

"I live for hikes like this!" -on the Kalalau Trail
Na Pali Coast, Kauai, HI


You scored as Zoroastrian Pagan. The Zoroastrian Pagan is a rare breed who follows the teachings of Zoroaster, the religious reformer. He believed that there were no gods, and it was naive to put faith in them and give them names. What one should focus on is merely serving one side of the cosmic duality; work on good or light deeds, and the world would become more good or light. Pagans of this variety are rare, but often feel like they get more done without the hassle and clutter of pantheons and gods. They're smart, analytical, and occationally cynical.

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